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Almost every adult in the UK is familiar with Direct Debit.

Mortgage, mobile phone, council tax, Sky TV and many other regular payments leave your bank account every month. Direct Debit is the safest, most trusted and widely used method of making regular payments today.

Did you know that collecting payments by Direct Debit is now available to even the smallest businesses?

That includes yours!

DebitDirect have now made it possible for you to benefit from this powerful cash collection system that until now has only been only available to the largest corporations.

Set-up takes only 48 hours and we will guide you throughout. Our friendly and professional staff are here to answer all of your questions.

Call us now to find out how we can help your business improve its cash flow and reduce bad debts.

Automate your payment collection today with DebitDirect.

Many businesses spend up to 20% of their resources on collecting their dues. Consider how much more profitable your business could be if you were able to use this time constructively to expand your business rather than worrying about chasing late payments and the knock-on effect to cash flow.

Simple Low Pricing: Just 80p per collection plus a £15 monthly fee. No other charges.

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