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The Direct Debit Scheme is a simple, safe & efficient way for organisations to collect payments of any value from large numbers of customers, automatically from their bank accounts.

With over 80% of adults in the UK now having at least one Direct Debit set up, Direct Debit is a preferred payment method and has proven to maintain loyalty from customers and enhance business credibility.

Because of its flexibility, Direct Debit is regarded as a “powerful tool” when it comes to collecting payments from customers. To be able to utilise this tool is therefore a tremendous privilege – one that is not easy to come by.

In order to be able to debit payments from a customer’s bank account, a business has to become a “Service User” which requires the business to obtain sponsorship from their bank, extensive training and substantial software costs.   Even large and well established businesses can find it difficult to obtain sponsorship from their bank, and the rigid application process can be complicated & lengthy.

We at DebitDirect have done the hard work and can provide your business with all the benefits of being a Direct Debit service user, without all the hassle and obstacles that come with the application.

By signing up to our Facilities Management service, we will provide you with:

  • The ability to collect payments from your customer’s bank accounts
  • A virtual client account so your funds are kept separate
  • Competitive & transparent pricing with no hidden fees
  • Cutting  edge direct debit management software
  • Preferred access to our cash advance service
  • Preferred access to our business loans
  • 48-hour account set up